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Reviving Toronto Homes: Conquering Dry Rot for Resilient Wood Surfaces

Exterior House 1

Peeling away layers of old paint, our exterior painters in Toronto encounter a peculiar scenario a few times each year. Soft, spongy wood persists even after weeks without rain, or deck boards unexpectedly yield under pressure during dry weather. The initial inclination is to blame termites or carpenter ants, but the true culprit behind these issues? Dry rot.


When our painters stumble upon dry rot, our established protocol swings into action: immediate notification to the crew leader, homeowner awareness, and presentation of a detailed change order for approval before any additional work proceeds. Dry rot, a result of fungi infiltrating wood, poses a serious threat to architectural wood, potentially leading to expensive replacements and structural concerns.


Exterior House 2

Addressing dry rot in newer homes involves a straightforward approach—replacing infected wood and trim. For decks, where only a few boards may be affected, a practical and cost-effective solution is swapping out the damaged sections. When replacement isn't viable, and the issue isn't advanced, our alternative method encompasses removing infected wood and utilizing epoxy fillers to fill the voids.

Rotten Window

Older Toronto homes present a distinctive challenge. The preservation of original architectural details often takes precedence, and replacement trim may not be readily available. In such cases, after eliminating visible dry rot, our painters employ epoxy fillers—a meticulously blended combination of resin and hardener. With skilled application and shaping, we replicate the wood's original form, ensuring structural integrity before the painting process begins.

Back of the house

While this process won't reverse or halt existing rot or prevent future issues, it significantly fortifies weakened wood structures and stabilizes surfaces. The latest development: Better Choice Painters now includes minor carpentry work in our services, enabling us to address dry rot problems in-house without subcontracting.


Don't let dry rot silently compromise your home. Reach out to Better Choice Painters at 647-559-2900 for more information or request a quote. Strengthen your home's defenses and preserve its beauty with our specialized expertise. Our commitment goes beyond painting—we safeguard your home against the stealthy threat of dry rot.


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