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Paint Your House Before Selling: A Smart Move

Most real estate agents agree that painting your house before selling it is a wise investment. House prices in the Greater Toronto Area are still climbing, so why not make your home as marketable as possible? The cost of a basic paint job is relatively low, and the return on investment can be significant.

What Does “Shows Well” Mean?

A home that “shows well” looks attractive, creates a great first impression, and has excellent curb appeal. Essentially, it helps the real estate agent sell the house faster and at the best possible price. While the aroma of freshly baked muffins was once recommended, today’s consumers are savvier.

Remember, the majority of potential buyers will be searching for a home online. Stunning pictures of your home, painted in agreeable colors, can make it highly desirable.

Should I Paint My Entire Home?

If time permits and considering the potential return on investment, paint as much as possible. However, if time is limited before the listing date, prioritize the following areas:

The Outside

Ensure all painted surfaces, whether wood or metal, are in good condition. Address any damaged wood or rusted metal. Peeling and faded paint can be an eyesore that detracts from curb appeal. Depending on the time available before listing, you may not need to paint everything if certain areas are already in good condition.

The Ceilings

Freshly painted, white ceilings can make a house look bigger. Check for cracks or signs of water leaks, such as brown stains. If the ceiling is in acceptable condition, it may not need painting.

The Colors

Interior Colours

What was comfortable for one family may not be for another. While you don’t need to stick to off-white or bland colors, choose lively yet neutral shades that can appeal to a wide range of future owners. Try to view your home through the eyes of potential buyers and identify colors they might not like.

The Doors

Doors are often painted with durable, glossy enamel. Sometimes, simply washing the doors around the handles can avoid the need for painting. Hallways and main areas usually see a lot of wear and may require a fresh coat of neutral paint.

Kitchen and Bathrooms

These areas provide the most return on investment. A great-looking kitchen and clean, bright bathrooms will leave a lasting impression. When a house shows well, it’s likely to sell faster and at a better price.

Consult the Experts

Ask your real estate agent if you should paint your house before selling it. Get their opinion on which areas need attention and what colors are popular with buyers. An experienced staging company can also help you choose the right colors.

Better Choice Painters is a Toronto painting contractor. We’ve worked with many real estate professionals and staging experts, contributing to the sale of numerous Toronto homes over the years.

Call 647-559-2900 to speak with us about painting your home before selling it.


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