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Comprehensive Guide to Condo Painting Costs in Toronto

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There are as many answers to this question as there are Toronto painters. Most reputable contractors will agree that without seeing the scope of work, it is difficult to give any accurate pricing. This is mostly true and when possible, the painting company should see the work to be done. After a careful evaluation, a detailed quote and proposal can be prepared. Unfortunately, seeing the condo is not always possible. If it’s newly purchased there are only limited visits that the previous condo owner will allow. With new condos, the standard is two visits. One visit can be used for the inspection and measuring for drapes, furniture, etc. This is understandably a busy time for the new owner, so a floor plan and any MLS information can also be helpful. As far as painting of a condo in Toronto goes, we can share some basic numbers, if enough information is provided.

Factors  Influencing the Price of Condominium Painting

·        Size of the condominium unit

·        Is it a condo in a new condo building?

·        How many bedrooms and bathrooms are there?

·        Architectural Style.

·        Reason for painting (a quick clean-up type paint job for Real Estate purposes is cheaper)

·        What is currently on the walls (colour and sheen)

·        The condition of the walls (how much repair is needed)

·        Are ceilings getting painted? If they are, are they textured? Have they been sealed before?

·        Are you painting the closets and if you are, how big are they? Are there any shelving systems?

·        Is the condo new, empty or furnished? If it is furnished, who would move the furniture?

·        Are you having the floors done as well? If yes, before or after the painting?

Paint Quality and Colour Preferences

The name brand of paint you choose and your colour choice makes a difference. Certain colours require additional coats to hide the previous colour. Cheaper brands and cheap paints do not perform well with difficult colours. The sheen selection. A higher sheen paint will show more imperfections on the surfaces. Prep-work takes time and it takes even more time to make glossier surfaces look better. How many colours do you plan to use and will there be any focus or highlight walls?  Will the doors, frames, baseboards and other trim be painted in stark white? Stark white trim paint does not hide well over older yellowed trim paint.

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So… how much to paint a Condo in Toronto?

Better Choice Painters has painted hundreds of condo units in the Toronto area, so we can definitely discuss average pricing based on our experience. Keep in mind the prices below are just averages based on specific factors. They are not our unofficial price list.

Our test condo is a 600 square foot unit in downtown Toronto. It has a bedroom and a den, open space kitchen and living area, and two small bathrooms. The main ceilings have “popcorn” texture as this is the norm. The paints will be from Benjamin Moore (at different price levels).

The Cheap Paint Job

We painted small apartments for $1.000.00 or less, with minimal prep, one colour, painting walls only. This type of painting is just a cleanup type of painting, good for renting a unit, or making it look better for Real Estate sale purposes. What to expect: The better painting companies usually avoid this type of work. As a result, the likelihood of getting a bad paint job is high. The priority of the painter is speed and getting out fast. Covering the floors and protecting the furniture well is unlikely. The paint will be of low quality and the lines between colours not that straight. There is no time for prep-work and there is no point expecting it. The biggest challenge is to make sure that the painter will not mess up the ceiling with the wall paint, or damage the floor and furniture.

Tip: Talk to a reputable company and ask them if there is a way to get a cheaper paint job. Explain the reason you need it painted and try to be flexible on the timing. There are ways that a good company can help you. They can use value paints, do some basic prep, maybe suggest that some areas don’t really need painting. For example, you can wash some doors around the door knobs. They may have an opening their schedule they would like to fill. A good painter can sometimes paint twice the surface that an inexperienced painter can, and do it better.

Painting an Empty Condo

The above pricing is sometimes possible if the condo is empty. There is no furniture to move and protect. Sometimes the floor is being changed after the paint job, so there is no need to protect it. Why not ask the painter to paint the ceiling. A coat of paint on smooth ceilings is less expensive when the condo is empty. If any textured ceilings require attention, now is the time to paint them. In an empty condo, they can be sprayed with low VOC flat paint.

A Better Value $1,500.00+

With the closets painted, the doors and trim getting a coat of paint, you are closer to $1,500.00.  Additional colours, an upgrade to better paint and more prep work, will bring the price closer to $2,000.00.

What to expect. At this price level there is a better chance you will be getting a better painter and a better paint job. There is time available to do some good prep work and the work can be sequenced better. Nice colours with some better quality paint will make this a good paint job. Benjamin Moore’s Eco-spec and Ultra Spec 500 are good value paints that can deliver good performance.

Tip: Make the most with colour. Use a main colour throughout with a highlight wall for more dramatic effects. Use an amazing colour for the bedroom and maybe the bathrooms. Discuss your budget with the painters. They know better how to save money on paints and where to save it. For example, paint for the ceiling and closets does not have to be expensive. The better paint should be used in the bathroom, the doors and the kitchen.

The Colourful Condo

All of the above with a lot of colour. Expect to pay $2,500 and likely more. The colour itself is not the only reason the paint job is more expensive. Colour attracts attention so the surfaces have to be prepared better to look better. It takes time to change and wash the tools during colour changes. Stronger colours like reds and oranges may need extra coats of paint. What to expect. The lines should be sharp, the finishes will look better. At this level, Benjamin Moore Regal Select is a great paint line to use. Aura and Natura may is more expensive but we find Select to be more user friendly and the quality is good.

Tip: Since the expectation here is higher, the contractor you hire will make or break the paint job. Put some effort into interviewing painters and checking their references.Poor workmanship will be much more noticeable.

When Cost is not a Primary Concern

The price is not a factor at this level. You hired the best painting company, maybe your designer suggested them to you. Their job is to perform. The bathrooms will be done in Aura Bath and Spa, the walls in Aura matte, the trim in Advance waterborne enamel. If the best quality eco paint is what you are after, Natura is the top line paint for the job.

What to expect. Walls and trim will have hours of prep work to look almost perfect. The lines will be laser sharp, the walls and ceilings smooth and flawless. There is plenty of time here to deliver a flawless paint job and an outstanding experience.

Additional factors that would bring the price even higher

·        Painting textured, popcorn ceilings that were never painted before

·        Painting over very cheap and porous builder’s paint

·        Extensive ceiling and wall repairs

·        Wallpaper Removal

·        Heavily furnished condos

·        Specialty paints and finishes

·        Scheduling mismanagement of different trades.

We hope this information was helpful. For accuracy purposes, contact us online or call us at 647 559-2900 for an estimate. Take some time to check our reviews and testimonials.


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